Vinny on Hayling

Vince Wills, London captain and organiser of this year’s highly successful Atlantic Open at Harrow tells us what the inter-regional competition at Hayling means to him.

Region: London

Number I’m playing at: 6

Division 1 top 3 prediction: Kent, Chiltern, London

Boule used: KTK (The Ninja looking ones)

Player to watch from my region: Didier Chassot

1 random fact about me: I have a great Opera voice.

So it’s that time of year again, competition, mayhem, fun and laughter. I’ve been playing boules for 5 years now and with in the first year of me playing regularly I was sent to Brean Sands in scrambled Division 2 London side. Got fannied twice in the first day to players that I now beat regularly too! That weekend introduced me to players all around the country and quickly got me acquainted with all the great people that come from this hobby/sport that I see as life long friends.

Although I find the region hopping mildly corrupt it does touch on the exciting football transfer window like aspect of things. We see regions rise and fall every year which brings a lot of pride to squads throughout the weekend, I love it!

I have been the London Region Player/Manager for what will be my 3rd year now and we’ve continued get stronger and stronger, bringing back old faces, developing our current players on the competitive scene and hosting events around our region of the highest standard in the UK. – All for the long term goal to be the Inter-Regional Champions in 2015 (which I stated in 2012).

This has been as year where I’ve seen a lot of constructive and non-constructive criticism towards out governing body and naturally not everyone can be happy with decisions for any sport, despite the very hard time we sometimes provide them, I do love the fact that everyone puts their “boules” aside for a festive weekend which is appreciated by the whole of our membership.

Finally, just a big thank you to everyone that has supported me (health wise in the last couple of years) and the London Region with its uprising, (particularly Martin H & Herve from outside our region (for now) you are all lovely people, let’s have another good weekend.

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