Treendy on Hayling

Ben Treend, who is leading the charge for Heart of England’s return to Division 1 at Hayling says why the inter-regionals are special for him.

Region: Heart of England

Number I’m playing at: 1

Div 1 prediction: 1st Chiltern 2nd Kent & 3rd London.

Boule used: KTK Orezza Carbon

Player to watch from my region: Connie Bell, great young player getting better all of the time. Great attitude & great technique but now getting the experience too.

Random fact about me: probably the only player to have won an inter regional (Southern) & relegated twice (IOW & HofE last year).

I love the inter regionals, it has always been my favourite boule weekend of the year from Poole, IOW, Brean Sands to now Hayling. I love the social aspect, it really does feel a special weekend meeting up with friends from past & present and sharing a shandy or two.  If the social aspect of this weekend was ever taken away I doubt I’d bother. The boule is fun, there is always banter which is good natured and fun. I’m hoping for another good weekend. Let’s play boule!

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