Third time lucky for Prendergast, Gould and Bavazzano at GP3

It was a first for the Whittlesey indoor series in that for the third time in succession the same triples battled out the final after 23 teams had competed in the five rounds of the randomly drawn snake.

Three teams in fact won all of their games: the Chiltern region triple of Paolo Infantino, Rob Munday and Danny Simms; the London/Kent/Northern hybrid of Dean Seville, Stephen Meadowcroft and Simon Doble; and the Chiltern triple of Sean Prendergast, Reece Gould and Herve Bavazzzano. However it was the re-run again after the points difference placed team Infantino in the 3rd v 4th playoff against the Heart of England/Kent combination of Chris Peel, Barry Scott and Claire White.

In a long final where team Seville gained a strong early advantage, the latter stages became a game of attrition. Both teams squandered chances to point in for game and it looked that 1st place was to be team Seville’s again when they  had two boules to make what appeared to be a relatively straightforward point. In the end, team Bavazzano shaded in 13-12 and scooped the £150 first prize. In the 3rd v 4th playoff, team Infantino prevailed in another closely fought match.

Six Junior players participated in the competition, the largest number ever. Ollie Zimmerman was part of the best performing team with a junior in its ranks on the day, but Sean Daisley, Chris Wilmot, Gavin Wilmot, Ben Fowler and Connie Bell all competed strongly in their respective teams.

After three GP’s, the top two places are pretty much settled, but the remaining 14 places for finals day are very much up for grabs and will be keenly contested over the two remaining rounds to be held on 1st February and 15th February.

Entries for GP4 are now open. Further details from Martin Hughes at [email protected]

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