Jones back in winning ways

The 4th Annual Martin Baker Singles Competition held at Harrow PC saw a strong field of over 50 players.

The charity fundraising tournament for Macmillan Cancer Support, which is played in memory of one the English game’s much loved and respected ambassadors of our sport, always attracts top players and ranks alongside the EPA’s National Singles competition in terms of being a trophy that English players want to win. Former champions include Sofiane Lachani (twice) and Herve Bavazzano, although both were not able to repeat their previous victories today.

The closing stages of the competition involved semi finals between Ross Jones & Olivier Guau and Theo Diecket & Stephen Daykin. Both Diecket and Daykin have enjoyed a rich vein of form lately, with the former making the semi finals of the National Singles and the latter making the top 8 in the same competition.

Jones was able to turn around what he has admitted himself has been patchy form of late and was able to carry the day in the final.

In the Plate competition, Len Griffiths beat Kelly Baker in a nip and tuck match.

Speaking after the end of the tournament, Janet Baker said, “Thanks to all of you for coming today. Will have a word about the weather, because we have been so lucky in the last three events. Many of you have travelled quite a way to be with us but the day wouldn’t have been the same without you. I really hope you enjoyed yourselves and that you will be back again next year. My thanks also goes to my family who do so much to bring this event together.”


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