EPA National Titles round-up

Isca PC, Exeter hosted the popular EPA National Titles weekend from 23rd to 25th May.

The return to the West Country for a three-year period had been decided by the EPA Management Committee after many years on the Isle of Wight at Hurricanes PC.

The traditional running order was played out with the Singles on the Saturday, the Doubles on the Sunday and the Mixed Doubles on the Bank Holiday Monday.

For the first time, the National Singles was contested with separate Men’s and Women’s competitions to mirror the FIPJP World Championships – the winners would be England’s representatives the next time the tournament takes place (yet to be decided, but expected to be in 2017). Both competitions were sponsored by KTK UK with the winners receiving a brand new set of Dylan Rocher boules.

Men’s Singles

In the Men’s Singles, there were 70 entries and players were randomly drawn into 16 leagues of four and one league of six. The results in these were used to find a top 32 for a knockout in the afternoon.

The Quarter Finals saw wins for Ashley Jamieson over Jack Blows, Michael Quaia over Jerome Rousseau, Sean Prendergast over Stephen Meadowcroft and Theo Diecket over Stephen Daykin.

The Semi Finals paired Quaia against Jamieson and Prendergast against Diecket. A very tight match saw Jamieson prevail 13-11, whilst Prendergast won comfortably 13-5.

As darkness fell, the final was eventually won by Prendergast who shaded Jamieson 13-10. You can read an interview with Sean here.

You can see all of the Men’s results here.

Women’s Singles

In the female event, there were 29 players entered and they were drawn into six leagues of four (one with a bye) and one league of six. This then led to the top 16 knockout in the afternoon.

The Quarter Finals resulted in victories for Kaylee Thatcher over Claire White, Sammy Thatcher over reigning champion Ang Gaughan, Emma Longstaff over Connie Bell and Sarah Huntley over Fay Golder.

The Semi finals were Huntley v Longstaff, where the latter won a high quality game 13-7 and the Thatcher sisters match where Sammy defeated Kaylee 13-5.

A closely fought final led to victory for Sammy 13-10. You can read our interview with the new champion here.

You can see all of the results here.


There were 66 teams entered in the Doubles on the Sunday and the EPA’s format allows for mixed gender teams. This meant that there would be 15 leagues of four and one league of six to find the top 32 teams for the afternoon knockout.

The Quarter Finals lineup was Lee & Ashley Jamieson versus Steve Brown & Dean Seville, Mark Robertshaw & Stephen Daykin versus Chris Peel and Neil Phillips, Ross Jones & Jeremy Huntley versus the 2014 champions Phil Winston & Jack Blows and Jamie Lewis & Martin Hughes versus Sofiane Lachani & Scott Ashby.

The final four teams contested the Semi Final matches with the Jamiesons defeating Robertshaw and Daykin 13-4 and Lachani and Ashby beating Winston and Blows 13-7

The Final was a lengthy and tense affair that did not conclude until nearly 10.30pm where the Jamiesons ended up victorious 13-10.

The Doubles results can be seen here.

Mixed Doubles

58 mixed doubles contested the Bank Holiday competition, again using a league and knockout format.

In the Quarter Finals, Jeremy Huntley and Charlotte Simmons beat John Gaughan & Chris Best, Jack Blows & Sarah Huntley beat Kath Brooks & Stone Williams, Chris Peel & Sammy Thatcher beat Lee & Angie Jamieson and Scott Ashby & Claire White beat Ang & Patrick Gaughan.

In the Semi Finals, Blows and Sarah Huntley defeated Simmons and Jeremy Huntley 13-5, while White and Ashby prevailed 13-4 in their match against Peel and Thatcher.

Blows and Huntley were declared 2015 champions after a 13-4 victory over White and Ashby.

The Mixed Doubles can be seen here.

Summary of results

Men’s Singles Champion – Sean Prendergast

Men’s Singles Runner Up – Ashley Jamieson

Men’s Singles Plate Winner – Karoly Gal

Men’s Singles Plate Runner Up – Steve Brown

Women’s Singles Champion – Sammy Thatcher

Women’s Singles Runner Up – Emma Longstaff

Women’s Singles Plate Winner – Teresa Bingham

Women’s Singles Plate Runner Up – Fay Golder

Doubles Champions – Lee Jamieson & Ashley Jamieson

Doubles Runners Up – Sofiane Lachani & Scott Ashby

Doubles Plate Winners – Tom Wilson & Alex Hepburn

Doubles Plate Runners Up – John Gaughan & Patrick Gaughan

Mixed Doubles Champions – Sarah Huntley & Jack Blows

Mixed Doubles Runners Up – Claire White & Scott Ashby

Mixed Doubles Plate Winners – Dean Seville & Kaylee Thatcher

Mixed Doubles Plate Runners Up – Emma Longstaff & Sean Prendergast


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