Doble, Meadowcroft and Seville do it again at GP2

The in-form triple of Simon Doble (London), Stephen Meadowcroft (Northern) and Dean Seville (Kent) proved that their success at GP1 in November was no flash in the pan when they prevailed 13-9 in a re-run of the previous month’s final over Herve Bavazzano (Chiltern), Sean Prendergast (Chiltern) and Dani Soriano (Southern). Both teams had won all of their games in the in the day’s 5 rounds which included 25 teams from England and Wales. Team Bavazzano started strongly and held a 6-0 lead, but this was whittled away by consistently strong pointing from Meadowcroft, effective middle play by Doble and a high shooting success rate for Seville.

The 3rd/4th playoff was between the team of Jack Blows (Kent), Barry Wing (Kent) and Sofiane Lachani (Chiltern) versus the Heart of England triple of Jerome Rousseau, Patrick Robiquet and Jean-Denis Scatena. Team Blows prevailed and added 10 qualifying points.

The Whittlesey GP Series takes place over five rounds in England’s only indoor boulodrome in November, December, January and February with Finals Day in March 2015 (date yet to be confirmed) comprising the top 16 qualifying teams. GP3 is scheduled for Sunday 4th January 2015.

Entries (strictly payment in advance to secure a place due to limited pitches) are through Martin Hughes by emailing [email protected]

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